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About KYVL

Since 1999, Kentucky Virtual Library has expanded access to library services and resources for students, faculty and Kentucky citizens at a fraction of the retail costs.  Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL) is a program of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education providing equitable access to quality library and information resources to all the people of Kentucky through participating public universities and colleges, public K-12 schools, public libraries, over 30 independent colleges and universities, the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, and various private K-12 schools and libraries across the state. Kentucky Virtual Library serves the Commonwealth’s information needs through its more than 300 member libraries.

Kentucky Virtual Library's mission, in part, is to provide a core collection of content to support research and learning at lower per unit cost to enhance teaching, learning, research and public services for Kentucky citizens and students.  KYVL resources are accessible to all registered users of a member library   KYVL also provides a ground courier service within Kentucky for the sharing of all types of physical resources through interlibrary loan among our member libraries.